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Why exhibit at CEMAE 2019

The China Europe Modern Agriculture Exhibition 2019 (CEMAE) aims to advance future EU-China cooperation and showcase the different perspectives to innovative solution in the agricultural and F&B industries coming from China and Europe. The exhibition will be an international platform for closer trade development and business procurement in sustainability, Chinese Agri-foods, innovations in vegetable production & machinery, and services in agriculture.

CEMAE (2019) will focus on:

Unfulfilled market opportunities

Diversifying consumer demand patterns as well as the emergence of global value chains have made Europe an attractive place for Chinese agri-businesses to invest and sell their unique products. China too provides considerable market opportunities in a wide range of agro-related businesses for European companies.

Promoting an interdisciplinary and diverse agricultural sector

Future prospects and innovation are at the root of agriculture. CEMAE will present the current innovative key drivers of change .

Playing our part as an efficient international contact and business platform for the agricultural industry.


The space for your innovations

The space to explore future trends, and conquer a new market.


Knowledge Transfer & Exchange

Meet businesses, innovators, investors, contacts, and gain more information!

Platform for investment decisions

Strengthen your business strategy through partnership and collaboration.


Achieve your goals

Cultivate new business ties, expand your business to the Chinese/European market, and be the first to sample the latest products in Chinese agri-food and agriculture.

Business Oriented and interdisciplinary

Chinese Network

Meet your Chinese partners in The Hague. CEMAE will have a large representation of Chinese agri-businesses.

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